April 2018 (2) Mod of the Month

April 29, 2018
4324 Floyd Street, Magnolia Grove, Houston, TX 77007

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As MODern Month 2018 approaches conclusion, we hope you will help us find a new preservation-minded owner for this vintage modern townhouse located in Houston’s West End neighborhood, about 2 miles west of downtown. Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event.

Taft Architects designed the Grove Court Townhouses in 1979, early in the area’s transformation from single-family cottages to compacted stacked townhouses. Grove Court is unique for its well-considered planning incorporating a grouped setting organized by a series of walls defining both interior and exterior spaces. Each of the six units can be accessed from the front street side court or the rear garages situated along a private driveway.  The structured  front court leads to the front doors (originally fitted with nifty large port-hole windows) as well as to a shaded semi-private court and then progresses  to a large private court yard, all organized along a central axis. The interiors are open and loft-like, the likes seldom seen in Houston for 10-20 years past this construction date.

Grove Court Townhouses received the following awards:

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Merit Award, 1981
Architectural Record Apartments Award, 1981
Texas Society of Architects Honor Award, 1981
Houston AIA Honor Award, 1981

Taft Architects was founded in 1972 by John J Casbarian, Danny M. Samuels and Robert H. Timme (d 2005) and is an internationally recognized, award winning Houston-based architecture firm. Until 1995, all projects were produced together by the three partners. The remaining partners work together equally on all projects who are both also involved in the School of Architecture at Rice University.