100 Block of Faust

The 100 block of Faust once was located adjacent to Buffalo Bayou where Rummel Creek met up with the bayou. Unfortunately, this secluded cul-de-sac was destroyed when Beltway 8 sliced into the neighborhood. What few residents know is that the 100 block was the site of two modern buildings, one of which was designed by William N. Floyd and was featured in a 1962 Better Homes & Gardens article. Thanks to Mark Simmons, the son of residents Tom and Jan Simmons, we are now able to get a glimpse of what made the 100 block of Faust so interesting.

"The home in the BH & G 1962 photo looks very much like a home that was located on the 100 block of Faust, a small cul-de-sac on the west side of the old West Belt and just north of the old bayou channel. There were only two homes on large lots on this street and this one appears to be the home that was located on the NW or right side of the street if looking from West Belt. This house sat high on the bank of a small creek which ran NW from the west side of West Belt and drained into Rummel Creek nearby. The other home was also a modern-style home located at the end/center of the cul-de-sac and was owned by the Mueller family. The Mueller house sat high above Rummel Creek which drained into the old original Buffalo Bayou channel just to the south. The Mueller house was unique in that Mr. Mueller, an engineer, had a steel reinforced concrete atomic bomb proof bunker installed under the car port area behind the house during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The entrance was a narrow stairway that descended from the living area inside the house. As I remember the bunker had two bedrooms with bunk beds and a living area. Some years later a hole was cut out of the rear wall and a sliding glass door was installed which opened to a sub surface open air concrete walled garden with concrete steps leading to the surface. The lot sloped from here down to Rummel Creek. Both of these homes and the street were demolished for the toll road. I believe the bunker was simply covered over with rubble and still sits in the bank above Rummel Creek."

For a better idea of where the 100 block of Faust was located, the 1958 Zingery Fire Hydrant Map shows the exact location - just north of the "M"-shaped portion of Buffalo Bayou.

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