12851 Memorial

The Architecture of Memorial Bend

William Norman Floyd
Year Built:1957
Original Owner:Jack Stiles
Notable Past Residents:Jack Stiles, a photographer whose work appeared in magazines such as this photograph from House & Home. Stiles was also the 1964 president of the Texas Professional Photographers Association
Publication:Houston Chronicle, date unknown
Comments:Although it may not be immediately apparent, it seems that the floorplan of this house is similar to that of 12914 Figaro. The bedrooms and the bathroom appear to be lined up in a similar manner and the garage and entry are in similar locations.
Architectural Comments:As detailed in the article, the entry featured a shoji-style sliding screen to separate the terrazo tiled entry from the family room, a trait common to 12914 Figaro. Bathrooms were originally tiled with brown travertine marble.

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