12903 Figaro

The Architecture of Memorial Bend

William Norman Floyd
Year Built:1959
Original Owner:Judge Miron A. Love
Notable Past Residents:Judge Miron A. Love, Criminal District Court Judge
Meredith O'Donnell, owner of Meredith O'Donnell Furnishings in the Upper Kirby District.
Publication:New Homes Guide, late 1950s
Comments:Twin home (mirror image) located at 334 Electra
Architectural Comments:Like the twin on Electra, Floyd used geometric patterns to design this home. The front bedroom, for example, is hexagonal in design. The garage also features a pointed side wall that lines up with the point of the front bedroom. The walls separating the living room, family room and dining room have been removed to create one large living area. A small raised atrium features a fountain and a planting area.

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