12814 Figaro

Year Built:1958
Original Owner:Tom Bullock, FAIA
Notable Past Residents:This was the home of both Tom Bullock and Wallie Scott, two of the four Caudill Rowlett and Scott founders who lived in Memorial Bend. Other known CRS founders who lived in the Bend were Bill Caudill at 311 Electra and Charles E. Lawrence at 12919 Figaro. Bullock was instrumental in the growth of CRS and, by the time of his retirement, was Chairman of the Board of a firm that had grown to 3000 employess in 40 international offices. Scott developed the team concept of CRS and, in 1973, was named president and chief executive officer of the CRSS architectural subsidiary.

Tom Bullock biographical Information from the CRS archives
Wallie Scott biographical Information from the CRS archives
Photograph of Bullock (3rd from the left), Scott (1st on the left) and the CRS founders
Comments:This home was demolished in the 1980s to make way for the Beltway. Tom Bullock was the original owner of the home. He must have sold it to his partner, Wallie Scott, in the early 1960s.
Architectural Comments:Since nearly every home on the 12800 and 12900 blocks of Figaro were designed by William Floyd, it is natural to assume that this home must have been of a modern design. It would also be consistent based on the styles chosen by other CRS partners such as Caudill and Lawrence.

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