The Architecture of Memorial Bend

The Homes of Memorial Bend

The homes listed on this page are arranged by street name and then by street number. Due to the time-consuming nature of making a photographic and archival record of each home, we are initially focusing our efforts on the cataloging of mid-century modern examples found throughout Memorial Bend. These homes tend to have the most available information as many were designed by William N. Floyd and appeared in local, regional and national publications. Furthermore, I have been able to gather additional information via conversations with Floyd who has helped me identify his work.

Each home listed includes a photograph, architect and building date, the original owner, past notable residents with biographical information and relevant articles or advertisements. Architectural comments are often included, as well. Information may be listed as "unknown" until it is tracked down. Also, only information on past residents is available so as to protect the privacy of current Memorial Bend residents.

Note: some articles or ads are not the best quality as they are scanned versions of microfiche printouts from the 1950s and 1960s.

The following legend applies to the letters that accompany home listings:

M - This home is an example of mid-century modern design
P - This home was featured in a local article or published in a national magazine
A - This home was advertised in a local newspaper
N - This home was once owned by a notable resident
D - This home was demolished to make way for the Beltway or for new construction
U - This home was extensively remodeled and is no longer recognizable

The Architecture of Memorial Bend
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The Architecture of Memorial Bend