Advocacy Alert: HM Opposes Texas House Bill 2439

Houston Mod stands in opposition to Texas House Bill 2439 which would prevent local governments the ability to regulate building products, materials, or methods used in the construction, renovation, maintenance or alteration of residential or commercial structures. 

HB 2439 would diminish the authority of local jurisdictions to amended National and International Building Codes, and take other appropriate actions to respond to the varied locales, climates and built environments throughout Texas. The bill would void all current local ordinances and regulations that conflict with HB 2439. 

Please e-mail or call members of the Texas House State Affairs Committee ASAP to express your opposition to HB 2439. The bill is on the agenda for the House State Affairs Committee, which meets at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Houston Mod will continue to update you on the bill’s progression.

Harris County legislators on the State Affairs Committee: 
District 143 Rep. (Vice Chair) Ana Hernandez ([email protected]), 512-463-0706
District 126 Rep. Sam Harless ([email protected]), 512-463-0496

HB 2439’s author and chair of the State Affairs Committee:
District 21 Rep. (Beaumont) Dade Phelan ([email protected]), 512-463-0706

A list of all members of the Texas House State Affairs Committee is available here.