Hedrick, Wyatt C.

Wyatt Cephus Hedrick was born on December 17, 1888 in Chatham, Virginia. He was an architect, engineer and developer most active in Texas and the South. He attended Roanoke College and Washington and Lee University. In 1910, Hedrick started a career in engineering, working in Virginia and later in Dallas, Texas. In 1914, Hedrick started his own engineering firm in Fort Worth under the name of Wyatt C. Hedrick Construction Company. Hedrick was accepted into the partnership of Sanguinet & Staats in 1921, an architecture firm based in Fort Worth which specialized in skyscrapers. After a year, Hedrick began his work as an architect in Fort Worth, Texas, and three years later opened his own office. He was responsible for many of the tallest buildings in Fort Worth, and several of his works are included on the National Register of Historic Places. With his extensive university and government work, at one time his firm was the third-largest in the United States.

Hedrick is also known for his eight Texas courthouses, all of which are still standing. They include: Austin County, Brazoria County, Coke County, Coleman County, Comanche, County, Kent County, Motley County, and Yoakum County.