Larson, John Hayden

John Hayden Larson (1919-2010) was from Montana and raised in McAllen, Texas. After serving in WWII, he graduated with an architecture degree in 1950 from Rice Institute. He had a firm in McAllen where he also served on the planning and parks and recreation commissions. In Houston, he was an associate of Cowell & Neuhaus before partnering with B. Macgruder Wingfield, Jr. beginning in December 1958. Later he joined the Keeper Company who specialized in the design and construction of hospitals and medical facilities. His work includes a house for Frank T. Rea at 2003 Briarmead in Briargrove (altered), a house for Phil Randolph at 9214 McAvoy Drive in Braes Timbers and a prominent house for Percy D. Williams located at 31 Briar Hollow Lane (demolished).