Morris, Seth Irwin

Seth Irwin “Si” Morris entered Rice at the age of 16 switching to architecture from engineering when he learned there was no space in that program. Si graduated in 1935 and maintained a lifelong dedication to his Alma Mater, serving as a member of the Board of Governors. He was named a Distinguished Alumnus in 1981 and received the Gold Medal Award from the Rice Alumni in 1991. In 1938 he founded his own firm with Talbott Wilson and continued practicing architecture in Houston under various successor firms until his retirement in 1984. His firm, alone or often in association with others, helped shaped the city and was responsible for such major buildings as The Astrodome, First City National Bank, The Houston Public Library Downtown, The Houston Country Club, One and Two Shell Plaza, Pennzoil Place, The Wortham Theater, Glassell School of Art, First City Tower, Williams Tower, and numerous other building projects.