Williams, Allen R.

Allen R. Williams graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Texas and came to Houston in 1946. He became a member of the American Institute of Architects in 1948.  Williams was a partner in Williams & Reed with Mack G. Reed, a Rice Institute graduate. This partnership lasted until 1954.  Williams worked alone for the remainder of his career. He worked with Houston architects such as Cameron Fairchild and Staub, Rather & Howze, as well as for subdivision developers such as Roy Harris and W.E. Keep, for whom he designed houses in the Ripple Creek subdivision, Tynewood subdivision, and Lamar Weslayan subdivision.

He is probably best well known for the modest Century Built Home.  Williams devised alternative systems to wood framed construction using concrete and masonry products. Williams went so far as to create a short lived company called Century Built Homes that built at least four contemporary houses throughout Houston with a system of interior and exterior concrete tile walls and concrete slab roof pieces.

Allen Williams died in 1978.