April 2018 Mod of the Month

April 15, 2018
4127 Drummond Street, Ayrshire, Houston, TX 77025

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Help us find new preservation-minded owners for these vintage modern houses located in southwest Houston, about 7 and 10 miles from downtown. Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event. Join us from 2-4 PM.

This meticulously maintained vintage modern house is situated on a shady suburban cul-de-sac containing other well designed vintage modern houses, some by architects that worked together in varying arrangements for many years. 4127 Drummond was designed circa 1953 by the firm of Philip G. Willard (1913-1993) and Lucian T. Hood, Jr. (1916-2001). The house is modern yet remains warm and inviting due to the use of wood floors and ceilings, a magnificent stone fireplace, indirect lighting, and expansive windows opening to a spacious lawn and pool terrace.

Philip Willard started his career in Fort Worth but moved to Houston around 1946 and opened his own firm. Shortly after he hired Lucian Hood, and several other top UH architecture students, who stayed with the firm after graduation. Willard was an active business developer and the firm designed over 1,000 houses (many never built) in this early period. Willard was also involved with a ceramic building system he employed on many of their designs. Lucian Hood went on to work with Lars Bang, then started his own firm where he designed apartment complexes, car dealerships, and an abundance of mostly large-scale houses. He was extremely skilled in his graphic communications and drawing packages that may be considered works of art. As styles changed, his designs became more traditional. Unfortunately, many of his most spectacular modern designs have been demolished and many design records lost. The later portions of his archive are now secure at the University of Houston, having been donated by William Carl, facilitated by Houston Mod.

5702 Warm Springs, Westbury, Houston, Texas 77035

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Design symmetry is explored in this unique flat-roofed vintage modern house built in the Westbury neighborhood for the 1959 Parade of Homes by the Houston Home Builders Research Corporation. The design was inspired by survey results of what home buyers wanted in a new home. The house has an impressive double door front entrance leading to a spacious foyer with an original floor to ceiling ceramic tile mural.  The fantastic kitchen, suitable for the most stylish of mid-century TV shows, is the focal point to which the living spaces are organized. The house was designed by Knostman & Webster who were in charge of the architectural committee for the 1959 Parade of Homes and designed two additional houses in the show.

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