February 2016 Mod of the Month

February 14, 2016
5239 Loch Lomond Drive, Meyerland, Houston, TX 77096

The focus on finding new preservation-minded owners for Meyerland’s vintage modern houses continues. Sunday’s event takes place in Meyerland, located about eight miles southwest of downtown Houston.

Meyerland has a large concentration of some of Houston’s best mid-century modern architecture. Many properties there are now in need of new preservation-minded owners, some due to the weather-related damages suffered last May. Houston Mod is dedicated to promoting knowledge and appreciation of modern architecture and design in Houston and Texas and advocates the preservation of this cultural legacy, seeking support from its members and the general public in achieving this goal.

Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event.

Architect Herb Ulbricht designed this mostly flat roofed modern house for his family in the mid-1960s. The public rooms are organized around a now enclosed atrium with floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors that allow free flow and views of the geometrically arranged private yard with swimming pool. Spaces are gallery-like with natural wood ceilings supported by wood beams. Expansive walls provide abundant art display possibilities. Flexible bedroom arrangements give optional uses such as a game room and/or studio.

Herbert H. Ulbricht was born in Lockhart in 1923 and graduated from the University of Texas in 1949. He became a registered architect in Texas in 1952. He was a partner of Stayton Nunn and his son, Stayton Nunn, Jr., from 1957-1960, when he designed the William Bates house (1957) located at 210 Pine Hollow Lane. In 1960, he opened his own firm where he designed Anson Jones Elementary School (1967), Long Point National Bank (1967), and Northwest Savings Building (1969). He and his wife Martha, daughter of Stayton Nunn, live in Austin today. Mr. Ulbricht is in the process of sending Houston Mod more information about his career.