October 2017 Mod of the Month

October 29, 2017
419 Isolde Drive, Memorial Bend, Houston, TX 77024
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Please help us find new preservation-minded owners for these vintage modern houses located in the Memorial area, about 12 miles west of downtown Houston. Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event.

The Memorial Bend area includes one of Houston’s greatest concentrations of architect-designed vintage modern houses.  Early promotions for the area proclaimed it had more good contemporaries than any other subdivision in Houston. This circa 1959 flat-roofed house was designed by architect William Floyd in his trademark handsomely restrained manner. It has been carefully maintained and thoughtfully enlarged by it’s architect-owner. Unfortunately, it recently flooded for the first time.

William Norman Floyd was from Oklahoma and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. He moved to Houston after World War II and designed hundreds of modern houses for a number of subdivisions.  He became an early investor in Memorial Bend and designed 50 of its houses. Many of his designs were published locally and nationally. Several architects, past and present, chose to live in houses in this area.

More Mods of Interest in Available in the Area:

430 Faust Lane, Memorial Bend, 77024 – windows will be open, stop and take a look inside

12922 Figaro Drive, Memorial Bend, 77024 – drive-by

12815 Hansel Drive, Memorial Bend, 77024 – drive-by

311 Gershwin Drive, Memorial Glen, 77079  – drive-by

Learn more about the area at The Architecture of Memorial Bend website created by Houston Mod co-founder Michael Brichford. This rich online resource features researched information about the neighborhood along with an addresses of all the vintage modern houses, making an area tour an enlightening experience.