Guarino House

10910 Willowisp Drive
  • Architect
  • Year Built
  • Building Type
    Single-Family Residential
  • Neighborhood
  • Quadrant
  • Status
    Still With Us

William R. Jenkins, FAIA, built this flat-roofed, 1570 sq. ft. house across the street from his own home in the Willowbend subdivision in 1955 for the Guarino family. The house was a grand experiment in “the inside/outside life” as it is surrounded with covered terraces and planting areas. It is also on one of the largest lots in Willowbend. All of the floor to ceiling glass panels and doors were protected from the sun by being recessed or covered. While one terrace has been converted into an office area and a master bathroom has been tastefully added, the house maintains much of its original charm including its kitchen, sliding glass doors, and terrazzo flooring.

The house was featured in Better Homes and Gardens “Home Buildings Ideas for 1960” Magazine with the title, “This House Clicks In Its Climate.”